3x3 Tone Plan

3x3 Tone Plan


Welcome to the Kettlebell series, this workout is meant to keep you moving.

This is a 3 day; 3-triset exercise program for 4 weeks.

This is broken down into 9 different weighted exercises per day for 3 days a week for a total of 4 weeks.

A Triset is three different exercises performed one after another, without any rest in between. Why they're useful: Trisets save time and raise metabolism.

Each day of the week is a different body focus:

Legs, Upper Body, and Abs/Cardio

Perform 1 set of all 3 triset movements and then rest for 30 secs after each set. Repeat for a total of 3 sets per triset.

A picture by picture motion demo is shown and broken down for every exercise in the work out. This 3x3 is perfect from beginners to veterans. (See additional images for how the program is broken down)

If you have a gym accessible you can take this download to your gym and add this workout as an additional program into you daily cardio or group fitness routine.

If you do not have a gym this program is perfect for you to do at home with only a Kettlebell needed. It can be performed inside or outside.  


(This can be purchased at Amazon for less than $15. We suggest starting with a more moderate to low weight (10lbs) and after using the program for several months than to gradually increase weight. You can also decide if you would like to use different sized Kettlebells for different workouts, ex: Your legs are stronger than your upper body, so you will be able to handle a heavier weight for some exercises.)

Purchase a 10lb Kettlebell HERE.

Purchase a 15lb Kettlebell HERE.

If at any time, you are feeling pain in a certain joint, please remember to use correct form or slightly change your movement to get the proper workout in a safe manner.  The movements are shown in a beginning and end picture format. 

If workout is to easy, and weight or reps

If you have any questions please feel free to email.


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