Born in NC, but moving with his parents to Jacksonville, FL at an early age, Sean has cultivated an active lifestyle.  From Pre-K Soccer and basketball, through elementary soccer, baseball, and basketball (AAU Nationals Qualifier Team) and into his Middle School years, he further developed his love of sports.  In High School, although his greatest love was and always will be the sport of basketball, his path to College was Football and resulted in a full scholarship to the University of Kentucky where he played for 3 years before transferring to the University of Tennessee- Chattanooga and graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. 

The training and coaching that he received through his years of organized sports through the collegiate level stayed with him, as well as his love of competition. Upon graduation and relocating back to Jacksonville, FL, Sean discovered CrossFit.  The functional fitness doctrine that CrossFit promotes, as well as the community and available competitions fueled further his desire to train and become a Coach.  Sean studied and completed his CrossFit Level 1 certification and coached at a local CrossFit affiliate for over two years.  Sean began taking on personal clients as well who desired more One to One training and he made a move to continue focusing more on the personal training aspect.  He completed his Personal Training Certification coursework and exam in December 2016 and is now a Personal Trainer and small group trainer for a local Fitness studio, as well as retaining clients for whom he travels to them to train.  His clients range from youngsters who are developing their athletic ability and training for school sports teams to older adults working on maintaining good cardio and strength; and everything in between! 

Sean understands and promotes an active healthy lifestyle.  Balance is the key and he loves to see his clients succeed in achieving their own personal goals.  Whether it be better mobility, muscular endurance, cardio, strength training, nutrition planning, or a combination of all of these. He loves to work with the individuals in defining their goals and setting out a plan to achieving them.  He is encouraging; having an intuitive knowledge of his clients. Whether they are a beginner or an athlete working to achieve the next level of fitness, no matter where they are starting from in their journey, Sean will take them to where they want to go!

While keeping active and on the go, Sean also enjoys detailing cars!  It’s a great fit in between his training sessions and he takes pride and enjoyment in spending time outdoors and bringing back a sparkle to your vehicle.



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